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The centre provides various services through its units, which are well equipped with the latest equipments.

Cataract Unit:
Intraocular lens implantation is being regularly performed including Phacoemulsification surgery, Paediatric IOL implants, Epilenticular implants with lensectomy etc.

Glaucoma Unit:
The fully equipped unit with Humphrey & Octopus Automated Perimeters, non-contact and applanation tonometers is looked after by specially trained personnel.

Vitreo-Retinal Unit:
With the latest vitrectomy machine (Alcon) and ultrasonography equipment, this unit is doing commendable contribution in many challenging vitreo-retinal disorders.

Laser Unit:
Equipped with the latest model of Coherent Argon-Laser equipment, this unit has been invaluable in treating vascular retinopathies due to diabetes, hypertension or Eales' disease.

Contact Lens Clinic:
Special lenses like toric, bandage, extended wear, disposable, cosmetic are regularly delivered apart from the RGP and daily wear soft lenses.

Cornea Unit:
The cornea service presently dealing with the management of complicated ocular surface infections and injuries is going to be upgraded with eye banking and transplantation very soon. Impression cytology is done for early detection and management of the dry eyes.

Orbit & Oculoplasty:
Cosmetic and therapeutic surgeries involving the lid, conjunctiva, socket reconstruction, orbital tumours are routinely performed along with management of injuries and epiphora.

Uvea Unit:
The department is involved in publishing many research papers particularly about the role of tubercular antigens.

ENT Unit:
The department looks after patients suffering from headache and other problems and also pre and post operative evaluation of patients undergoing DCT and DCR operations.

Squint & Amblyopia Unit:
Provides all sorts of treatment modalities with the aid of synoptophore, CAM stimulator, tangent scale, Leis' screen for diplopia screening, stereoscopic and special vision charts for children and performs squint surgeries regularly

The department has the services of neurosurgeons, neurophysicians as well as ophthalmologists for a better multispeciality approach.

Diabetic Clinic:
Ophthalmology & Medicine
The Diabetic Clinic checks up patients regularly to monitor the ocular involvement in this disease and to intervene in time to arrest the progression of vision failure.